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Find Tarot card meanings, interpretations for Tarot combinations, spreads, Tarot tips, Tarot basics and more.

Familiarise yourself with the symbolism and related keywords for each card and develop an understanding of your own deck.

Tarot can offer spiritual guidance and help us to assess and address certain areas in our lives that may need work on as well as helping us to guide others.

I have listed the most common  meanings for each card as a starting point but will also post the results of my own meditation and share my translations.

It is important to remember that you will be building a relationship with your cards. The deeper you explore meanings of the cards the more your own personal thoughts and feelings will be provoked , it’s these feelings that will help to develop your own interpretations.

You should  tudy the symbolism in the cards to set the foundations then eventually you will let your own intuition be the guide.