Your Relationship with The Hierophant

by Hebz on April 26, 2012








I’ve found this card to be a bit of a love or hate card and personally, I don’t like it much!

The reason I don’t love this card is because I relate it to authority, religion and tradition. I’m a free spirit, especially when it comes to my religious beliefs. Due to my own upbringing, I don’t care much for rigid belief systems, and as a bit of a rebel I don’t care much for rules.

I think your own view of this card will often come down to your own personal view of these things.

If you’re a deeply spiritual person and conform to a traditional religious belief system, then you may see this card as comforting. Many people thrive on rules and rituals, they believe traditional values are important and they like to be guided by something higher or bigger than themselves. The hierophant is like a spiritual guide, he looks out for your spiritual well-being and points in the right direction when you’re feel a little lost or are soul searching.

The hierophant is you’re spiritual father, he’ll teach you all he knows and offer comfort when times are tough. But by the same token, he’ll most certainly let you know when he believes you to be you’re flouting the rules or breaking tradition.  The rules and traditions that he’s enforcing are not just his own, they’re part of a huge system or organisation that goes ‘way back when’, so they really hold some weight. Some people (that would be me) find this all a little stifling and restrictive.

So when it comes to interpreting this card I often liken it to; the church, an extremely religious family or father figure, the government, the police, schools and universities etc. Any authority that wants to have a say in how we live our life. I’m definitely not an anarchist but these authoritative bodies unnerve me. I don’t like the idea of being confined to others’ way of thinking and doing.

Anyway, the hierophant has its positive and negative connotations just like any other card, you have to use your intuition to decipher what you’re dealing with.

Here I’ve put together a few example hierophant combinations and what they could possibly mean. This is by no means an exhaustive list:

Hierophant & Five of Pentacles:

  • A fine from authority

Hierophant & Emperor:

  • A big commercial organisation
  • Overly religious and strict father

Hierophant & Temperance:

  • Finding a belief system that gives you spiritual balance and well being

Hierophant & 4 of Wands or 3 of Cups:

  • A religious ceremony

Hierophant & Justice:

  • A court case

Hierophant & Hermit:

  • Reassessing current beliefs

Hierophant & King of Cups:

  • A relationship with a man you feel a strong spiritual connection to, a soul mate

Hierophant & The Devil:

  • Corruption and abuse of power, influence & authority

Hierophant & 6 of Wands:

  • Recognition and praise from important people

Hierophant & The Star:

  • Having faith and drawing strength from ones spiritual beliefs

Hierophant & 7 of Wands:

  • Defending your religious beliefs
  • Standing up to authority and tradition




Understanding the Knights

by Hebz on April 25, 2012

Tarot Knights








When I see a knight in a spread I will generally see him as representing an individual. He’ll either be a young adult; teenager or twenty-something, or even an older man who is quite youthful or immature. Although the knights can also represent an energy present in yourself, whether you’re a young adult male or not.

The knights are a progression from the pages. If you think about the energy in a page being like starting the ignition, a thought or an idea etc. Then the knight is like shifting gear, and putting that thought or idea into action. For example, the page of pentacles could represent thoughts and plans concerning work or business, whereas the knight of pentacles will carry that idea through to an action. He’s no longer thinking about it, he’s doing it. He’s putting in the work, being practical, diligent, paying attention to the details and shaping is future financially.

Then there’s the knight of wands. He picks up the bright ideas and creative stirrings in the page and takes the steps needed to manifest that idea into something tangible. He makes that dream a goal and starts galloping towards it at full pelt. I often see this guy as a musician or artist of some kind, he’s talented and charismatic, and you won’t catch him hiding his light under a bushel. He loves attention so he’ll often ‘perform’ to steal the limelight.

The knight of  cups is concerned with the emotions, as is the page. However, where the energy in the page is more fragile – to me it can represent getting your confidence back after being hurt – the knight is taking the next step and actually making some kind of romantic advance. His feelings are roused and he’s embracing the notion of love. He’s spotted his target and actually asking her out on a date… or two. He’s sensitive and understanding and knows how to charm the ladies. You could say he understands them a little ‘too well’.

Then last but not least there’s the knight of swords. The page represents communication, making contact, getting in touch. The knight communicates really well, he has the gift of the gab, he’s making contact with everybody, talking to exactly the right people to get to wherever it is he needs to go. He uses his intelligence and sharp wit to win people over and make them see his way of thinking. This knight is restless, he needs a lot of mental stimulation and gets bored easily. He’s elusive and extremely hard to pin down, he comes and then he goes! This guy likes to chase and to conquer, just for the hell of it.

People often say that it’s tricky to decipher whether or not the court cards represent an actual person or they’re just reflecting our own energy. The knights are no exception, but in my opinion and experience I’m more likely to see them as other people. I believe that that is what the court cards are there for. I figured that the court cards are there for a specific reason, and it’s to help identify relevant people that feature in our life. But that’s just me!

So here’s how I might describe the guy that the knight represents:

Knight of cups – romantic, a ladies man, sensitive, sensual, charming, lovable, dreamer, friendly, understanding, artistic, deep

Knight of wands – bold, creative, exciting, ambitious, a bit unreliable, determined, passionate, talented, performer, charismatic

Knight of pentacles – reliable, hard working, practical, respected, successful, money-minded, trustworthy, also sensual, protective

Knight of swords – clever, communicative, quick-witted, elusive, restless, realistic, cool, sharp-tongued, intellectual, professional



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